Sheriff Lyons With Lt. Governor Dan Patrick

About Sheriff Lyons

Sheriff Byron Lyons is a native of Polk County and a lifelong public servant with law enforcement, corrections, and EMT experience, serving our communities since 1985. He was elected Polk County Sheriff in 2021 and was sworn into office on January 1, 2021. He and his wife of 32 years, Sylvia, have three children: Brandon, Kia, and Alex.

Sheriff Lyons graduated from the Kilgore Police Academy, receiving his basic peace officer license and commission from Livingston Police Department in 1990, and began his service as a patrolman. In September 2001, he was hired as a Felony Investigator by the Polk County District Attorney’s Office. In 2005, Sheriff Kenneth Hammack recruited him for the position of Chief Deputy, where he remained until his election as Sheriff. He is also a graduate of the National Sheriffs’ Institute of Leadership Development at the FBI National Academy and completed the FBI Leadership Trilogy training. He is a TCOLE Law Enforcement Instructor, an instructor for the Angelina Police Academy, and holds a Texas Jail License, as well as a Master Peace Officer certificate.

He has held the role of President of the Texas Chief Deputies Association, was a board member of the Polk County Peace Officers Association, a member of the Livingston Rotary Club, and a former school board member of the Livingston ISD. He is a current member of the Texas Sheriffs’ Association, the East Texas Police Officers’ Association, and an active board member of the Deep East Texas Council of Government—serving on the criminal justice committee. He also serves on the Burk’s Mental Health Service Board of Trustees.

Sheriff Lyons participated in a round table discussion sponsored by Sam Houston State University concerning Minority Relationships with Law Enforcement and was also a guest speaker for LEMIT of SHSU.

In the aftermath of Hurricanes Katrina, Rita, and Ike; the Onalaska Tornado; and ice storm Uri, he worked in cooperation with Polk County Emergency Management.

Early Voting Starts

February 20, 2024

Thank you-Thank you for electing me to serve as your sheriff of Polk County this last term.It has truly been a honor working along side our local law enforcement partners and community.Especially forming new relationships in our schools.

Today I come to you again asking for your support as I seek THE RE-ELECTION OF SHERIFF OF Polk COUNTY. (No#2 on the ballot)


Re-Elect Sheriff Lyons


LIVINGSTON, – Polk County Sheriff, Byron Lyons, wants the community of Polk County to get involved in helping to make the county a safer place to live. Sheriff Lyons is establishing a Citizens Academy. A school where actual citizens show up and take classes that are very much like the Police Academy. Lyons wants the citizen students to ride along with actual Polk County Sheriff’s Deputies when they’re on duty. The classes will also entail simulated real life situations where split second decisions are made that can impact lives. Lyons wants to “tear down walls, and open lines of communication between citizens and local law enforcement“. “I’m not trying to build a vigilante group. What I’m trying to build is a network of citizens who care not just about their community, but the community next to them“. Lyons Continued, “…when I have only a few deputies out there, I also know that I have my citizens corps. that are hundreds, who are willing to use their cell phone, snap a picture or video, of things that are going on in their communities and make communications with us. That’s the dream“. Lyons is very serious about the Citizens Academy, and hopes that through it, his Citizens Corps. can communicate with local law enforcement at all hours.

Watch Sheriff Lyons Receive His Award From The VFW